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Thursday, June 29, 2006


illmeasures is a collective of DJs, artists and promoters working together to produce the best underground events in Chicago.

hillel cool j
From the legends of the Torah: a myth steeped in kabalistic tradition has foretold that a certain child would be born to the sons of Abraham with the gift of bringing hip-hop music to the people. The story proclaimed that during the sacred tradition of bar mitzvah, a special gift would appear, as if from heaven, containing the coveted ‘Golden Kipot’ and the last known copy of 2Live Jews’ ‘As Kosher as they Want to Be.’ The chosen one would not come to understand these items until a Manischewitz-induced dream on the high holidays explained his destiny. In it, the ‘Golden Kipot’ appeared to him out of an inky void. A flash of light momentarily blinded, then subsided to reveal that one ‘Golden Kipot’ had become two. They began to rotate and float to his hands powered by the unseen but awesome force of Adonai, Lord. As Oy, It’s so Humid played in his ears, the man would awake from his dream understanding the actions he must take. Using the power of gefilte fish, Hillel Cool J, has dedicated himself to this destiny for the last ten years. He brings true hip-hop to the people who have been wandering through the desert of phony rappers, commercial exploitation and other such non-kosher bullshit. Through radio, clubs, house parties, and recorded media this destiny will continue to manifest. All will culminate in his upcoming collaboration with the great MC Jewpac Shofar. This will cement his rightful place in musical history as God’s chosen DJ. Productions include 2005’s seminal Kosher Joyride EP as well as the future-classic LP-2007’s Challah if you Hear Me.

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  1. Lookin Good homie!

    I got a comment.

    The next Freakeasy is on 2/28 and it’s gonna fucking kick ass.

    Comment by downtowndave — February 10, 2009 @ 11:57 am

  2. How do i get in contact with you guys? Im new to the area

    Comment by fullcircle — February 27, 2010 @ 7:02 am

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